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What’s the Color of Background?

Always fun to see what influence background colors have on the overall image. No need for much explanation here: as you can see the images are all of Short-eared Owls. The only thing that is really […]

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The Fight Club

Well, to put it mildly: Short-eared Owls are hot right now. How hot ? Very hot ! Why ? I assume since there’s an accessible bunch hanging out at a place that many people know […]

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Short-ears in Flight

Around the beginning of this year, I had the opportunity to frame Short-eared Owls. As true masters in camouflage, during the day they were hardly discernible in the tall grasses. However in the late afternoon (mostly […]

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The Culprit?

The police force more and more often requests bystander’s images to use as proof for misbehavior and the like. But, what does a static image tells us? In this case I really wouldn’t know. I’d […]

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