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Owls @ Sunset

Of course, while in the US, I had to go and look for Burrowing Owls. Over the years my most beloved American species. An easy one this time, since two years ago I had found […]

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All I want for X-mas is…..

A Burrowing Owl ! Over the last years I visited a place in Utah, where I was able to shoot Burrowing Owls. Over the years they became one my favorite bird species. So, you can […]

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Burrowing Owl – Day Two

Two weeks ago I visited Utah, where I was able to frame Burrowing Owls. Since I like them so much, I decided to go back the next morning as well. Arriving shortly before sunrise, I […]

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Burrowing Owl – Day One

The last five years I visited the Salt Lake area every August, and was able to see my beloved Burrowing Owls. But seeing and framing are two different things. So of course I owe a lot […]

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