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Full Color Godwit

This time of year, there’s a chance to see birds, that you normally only get to see in winter dress, in breeding plumage. On their way north, they visit our country briefly to feed. One […]

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Foamy Dunlins

This morning I decided to pay a visit to the beach. Upon arriving there was not that much happening. Some gulls and Cormorants. After strolling around I suddenly noticed four Dunlins flying in and landing […]

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White and X-mas

One of the new species for me during my stay in Florida was the White Ibis. Incredibly present, almost everywhere one can see them. As with so many birds: the longer you look, the more […]

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Bontbek @ the Beach

While shooting Eurasian Oystercatchers, I was lying on the beach. Suddenly a Common Ringed Plover (in Dutch “Bontbekplevier”) landed in front of me. For a brief moment it stood there, scanning the surroundings carefully. Vigilant […]

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Catcher in the Sea

This morning the weather was a little weird, not clear whether it would be sunny of overcast. By lack of other or better ideas, I went to the beach – I hardly ever come back […]

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Situational Sanderlings

It’s the time of year again when we have Sanderlings along our shorelines. Besides that they are a ‘convenient’ species for me (since I live at the coast), I am also very fond of them. […]

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