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Hoopoe at Hole 9

Wildlife photography is mainly about timing. Being in the right place at the right time, whether it’s location, season or time of day. Another matter of timing involves personal safety. While in Portugal I visited […]

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Blue Pie

Although it wasn’t the first time for me to shoot Iberian Magpies, it was the first time I had them pretty close. How comes ? Iberian Magpies tend to move around in groups and are […]

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Billy White

As written in my previous post, I recently spent a week in Portugal. Since it was my third visit to the region, I didn’t expect too much news and decided to try and make some […]

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Last Day Light

Last week I spent in Southern Portugal. With the temperatures considerable higher than in The Netherlands, and – more important – sunny skies every day, it was no chore to venture out and look for […]

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Sardinian Warbler

The Sardinian Warbler is one of those birds that seem to enjoy showing themselves often, but making it hard to have their picture taken. Restless, and most of the time in the bushes and low […]

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Gryllotalpa gryllotalpa

Gryllotalpa gryllotalpa ? What the heck? Okay, I came across it when searching for the name of the snack this Cattle Egret was feasting on… A European Mole Cricket, at least I assume it’s the correct […]

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Doing a ‘Woudaapje’

Last week I found myself back in Portugal. One evening I went to a golf course where I hoped to see a Little Bittern near a pond I visited last year. Which I did, but more […]

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Long Legs ‘on Land’

Flamingos to for me always rank among the exotics birds. Although we have some in The Netherlands every year, I know them mainly from Greece, Spain en Portugal. These images are from the latter country. […]

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Common Greenshanks are slightly larger than Redshanks, and have a long bill with an upward curve.  They breed in the northern parts of Europe and Russia. So, in The Netherlands, we only get to seen […]

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Sitting Zitting

The Zitting Cisticola is a rather small warbler (10cm). During our visit to the Algarve (Portugal) I actually saw quite a few. But man, they were hard to shoot. Restless, and mostly skulking in the […]

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Migrating Plovers

Living at the coast, we have many migrating birds. Two weeks ago, in Portugal, I found migrants as well. One of them was a Grey Plover. Shy birds, as I know them, and it took […]

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@ Hole # 9

One of the species I hoped to see in Portugal was the Purple Swamphen. During the first days I found some, but most of the time either far away or obscured by reeds. Since it […]

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