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Of course, I knew that I had seen three species of Phalaropes until now. What I didn’t know, was that this is also the end of it. The Illustrated Checklist of the Birds of the […]

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Red Necks

Last year around this time of year I was visiting California. One of the birds I was able to see and frame was the Red-necked Phalarope. One of those busy birds, as Phalaropes are by […]

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Grote Grutto…. (Godwit Grande)

The Marbled Godwit is the largest bird in the Godwit family: some 46cm in length. During my visit to California, last fall, I found many along the shore lines. Their breeding habitat is the northern prairies […]

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A Tale of two Turnstones

The Ruddy Turnstone can be found almost everywhere at coastlines around the world, depending on the season that is. Here in The Netherlands we have many of them in winter time, and they are known […]

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Mr Blue

Several times I had tried framing Western Scrub Jays, but always found them to be pretty shy. As soon as I aimed my camera they usually disappeared immediately. After a short hike at Point Lobos Park, […]

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California Quail

The California Quail almost looks unreal. At close inspection the patterns in the feathers are almost too good to be true. Not to mention the head plume… I guess you could call them ‘design birds’. […]

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Little X-mas Trees

One of the species I wanted to see desperately during my last visit to California, was the Western Snowy Plover. First of all because I have a weak spot for plovers in general, but second […]

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Black Phoebe

One of the birds I encountered almost everywhere during my recent California trip was the Black Phoebe. Clearly showing why it’s in the family of flycatchers, it was usually hunting for insects from an exposed […]

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American Dipper

Yesterday (while in Lassen NP) I found a species that was on my wish list for a while: the American Dipper (aka Water Ouzel). The reason is probably that they are so much fun to […]

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Last week we left the harbor of Monterey in a foggy conditions. Goal was to find Humpback whales (and we did see some 25 individuals), but the first part of the trip offered lots of […]

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3lb Shorebirds

Along the coastline of Southern California, over the last days I have seen many different shorebirds. Three of them with (very) long bills: The Whimbrel, The Long-billed Curlew and the Marbled Godwit. Al three birds […]

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