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The Black-crowned Night Herons that I saw in Century Park (I was in Shanghai last week), used the technique of slowly walking through the shallow water in search of food. Apparently they can even see through […]

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City Birds

Even a large metropole like Shanghai has some trees and water. Therefore, between the millions of people and thousands of taxi’s, one can find some wildlife. Along the Pudong site of the Huanpu River I had seen […]

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Made in China

Last Friday, I received a message that a rare red-flanked Bluetail had been seen, some 25 minutes drive from my house, along the coast. Since I was feeling not really well (flu), had seen the […]

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“Kwak around the world”

Last week I had two chances of photographing Black-crowned Night-herons (“Kwak” in Dutch). But, there were some 5.000 miles between them: one location was in Utah (United States), whereas the other was in The Netherlands. Believe […]

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Birding in Beijing

Currently for work in Beijing, yesterday I had a spare moment so went out and checked the birds in the area. Though I saw many interesting species, only this Red-flanked Bluetail was willing to pose […]

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