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Randstad Rail

The “Randstad” is the name for a megapolis of the four largest cities in The Netherlands. Still, enough bird species can be found in this densely populated area. In a small pond very close to […]

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The Owl Next Door

Until last winter I knew of at least four more or less reliable Tawny Owls in my ‘area’. The advantage of some reliable spots is that one can experiment with different light, different seasons and […]

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On the Upside…

Lesser Black-backed Gulls are breeding on the rooftops in the part of town where I live. This year they even are the species I counted most during my zip-code count for urban species (MUS). The downside is […]

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Taking a Walk

Close to my home, a couple of Canada Geese is breeding. They have chosen a little island as their crib. While the female is on the nest, the male usually is nearby floating in the […]

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Mandarin Moments

Mandarin Ducks are an introduced species in Europe, originating in East-Asia. In The Netherlands they are breeding since the early 80’s. Every now and then I see them in park ponds or little waters here […]

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Fall Foliage

Today I didn’t want to go to faraway places, so I just took a short stroll in the forest near my house. At one of the lakes I saw a Great Cormorant, perch on a branch above […]

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Curious Kestrels

Young Kestrels are a curious lot. But apparently they are not huge fans of rain. When I arrived it was raining and these two siblings had perched themselves cosy under a roof. So much for […]

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City Dwellers

Oystercatchers originally were mainly found at the coastline, indeed the best place for catching Oysters I’d say. More and more however, they move towards farmlands and cities as well. At this moment a pair is […]

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Blackbird half-finished?

Earlier this week I found a leucistic Common Blackbird. Leucism is a general term for the phenotype resulting from defects in pigment cell differentiation and/or migration from the neutral to skin, hair, or feathers during development (source: Wikipedia). This individual was […]

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Easy Grebes

Since these Great Crested Grebes (Fuut) live only a five minute walk from my front door, I visit them often if I have limited time, or just want to stretch my legs between work at […]

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Dancing in the Dark

Spring is slowly coming, or so it seems. At least the Great Crested Grebes (Fuut) are starting to perform their courting rituals. They seem to prefer one of the darker parts of the ponds here […]

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A winter visitor in The Netherlands, the Brambling (Keep) is a colorful appearance in our forests. Usually they roam around in groups and feed, like Common Chaffinches (Vink), mainly on the ground, which makes them […]

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