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So you think you can dance

Some people call this phenomena the ‘dance of the Starlings’. Not sure whether or not it is a dance, the choreography is great. To say the least. In my previous blog I showed some B&W images. […]

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Stunning Starling Shapes

The murmuration of Starlings can be one of the most breathtaking experiences in nature. “Can”, as I have ever so often seen groups going directly to their beds without any ‘show’. If one is lucky […]

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Fall Nutcracker

As written in my earlier blog on the Spotted Nutcracker, I was a little taken aback by the fact that the bird had chosen to spent most of its time between bricks when I was there […]

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Nuts and Walls

Some two weeks ago a Spotted Nutcracker was reported in Wageningen, The Netherlands. And that wasn’t all: it seemed unafraid of people and let itself be photographed very easily. Since a long time this particular […]

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Little & Loud

This week I have visited the island of Helgoland for some days (more on that later). In order to break down the long drive, I decided to make some stops on the way. So, I […]

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Birding & Balancing

Last weekend we spent with friends in another part of the country. Since we all like birding, we scanned the area for good places. We found some ‘official’ spots on the internet, and decided to check […]

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