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Beach Bird

During my stay on Helgoland, we hoped for some rare type of Wheatear. In the week before our visit an Isabelline Wheatear had been reported. But: no luck, on the main Island we encountered a […]

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Hooked on Horned !

The Horned Larked has been on my wish list for a while, for a descent shot that is. Until this year, I was never able to make this kind of shots. This year though, it […]

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Snow Bunting

One of the species we found on Heligoland, was the Snow Bunting. Of course, I had seen them in The Netherlands as well (and in Iceland), since usually we have some in winter hanging around. […]

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Lapland Longspur at Last

Last weekend I spent birding with a group of birding friends at the German island of Helgoland. My main goal as usual was shooting, but of course I hoped for some sightings of rare vagrants […]

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Mr Black and White

Besides the Northern Gannets there’s another abundant species to be found on Helgoland: the Common Murre or Guillemot. With their black and white dress and upright breeding position, they resemble penguins a little. Both are […]

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Gannets @ 24-70mm

What does one do when it’s almost too hot to cycle and there’s a ferry boat to Helgoland (Germany)…..? Indeed:  book a hotel on the island, hop on the ferry and go and have a look. […]

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