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Aix galericulata

Some days ago, during our run, I noticed a male Mandarin Duck in one of the waters that we passed. Since this colourful ducks can make for nice shots, I decided to return with my […]

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The Black-tailed Godwit is our ‘national bird’. When it returns to The Netherlands it’s one of those signals that Spring is slowly starting. My first photo moments with this species this year had to do […]

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Sheep Shame?

Currently there are some Cattle Egrets in The Netherlands. Still considered rare, but not extremely rare anymore I’d say. Anyway, during a day of birding yesterday, we tried to find one. The Dutch name for […]

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Ross’s Goose NL

For quite a while, a Ross’s Goose hung around in The Netherlands, not too far a drive from where I live. Ross’s Goose is a rather small, white goose and to me one of the […]

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Lanius excubitor

Great Grey Shrikes are not an everyday sight where I live. Or in The Netherlands for that matter. When you are lucky you have a wintering individual not too far away. Last months we had […]

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Lone Wolf

Crested Larks in The Netherlands have become extinct as a breeding species. Until the mid 70’s is was quite a common and widespread bird in our country. But the numbers have declined rapidly since then. […]

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You’re wired!

One could argue that this antenna-equipped bird looks like a remote-controlled Turkey. But it’s not, it’s a Great Bustard. A rarity in The Netherlands. Question is, of course, how ‘wild’ is this bird? A matter […]

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Some three months ago I wrote about a Hooded Merganser in my area. At the time it was rather shy and still part of a larger group of Tufted Ducks. A lot seems to have […]

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So you think you can dance

Some people call this phenomena the ‘dance of the Starlings’. Not sure whether or not it is a dance, the choreography is great. To say the least. In my previous blog I showed some B&W images. […]

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Stunning Starling Shapes

The murmuration of Starlings can be one of the most breathtaking experiences in nature. “Can”, as I have ever so often seen groups going directly to their beds without any ‘show’. If one is lucky […]

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Flamingo Fun

In a place called the “Zwillbrocker Venn” (Germany) there’s a group of breeding Chilean Flamingos. Originating from escaped birds, it’s now a free living and breeding population. They usually spend the winters in The Netherlands […]

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Return to the Remiz

The first photo session of the year was okay, but I had some issues to deal with as you can read here. So, normally, I would go back for a 2nd, 3rd of even 4th […]

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