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Friar, Frater or Frère?

Well, where to start ? Twites are not uncommon birds in The Netherlands, either migrating or wintering. That said, one hardly ever sees them. This time I found two close to my home, close to […]

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Little Brown Beauty

Who hasn’t heard of the LBJ’s – the Little Brown Jobs ? An abbreviation for non-descript little warblers, that more often than not can only be told apart by their song. Not in this case […]

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Closing In

As for the past five years or so, a Horned Grebe showed up in February in a lake not too far from my home. Not sure whether it’s the same individual, but this year the Grebe […]

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During this time of year, migration time, the presence of certain species can change from day to day. One day the Whinchats are abundant, the other day not a single one is around anymore. The […]

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Don’t you forget about Me

Two weeks ago I traveled for some odd 5000 miles to Utah, and was able to frame Burrowing Owls. I have demonstrated my enthusiasm already in some previous blogs. Mother Nature apparently thought it time […]

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Wryneck. Final(ly) !

Yesterday I finally had the chance of framing a Wryneck in The Netherlands (I photographed it once in Thailand). The Eurasian Wryneck is one of the most elusive species I know. This 16cm (6″) tall bird, family […]

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Eastern Black-eared Wheatear in NL !

This afternoon, an Eastern Black-eared Wheatear was found in a place not too far away. Although I do not consider myself an active twitcher, I decided to go and have a look. The bird showed […]

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Short-ears in Flight

Around the beginning of this year, I had the opportunity to frame Short-eared Owls. As true masters in camouflage, during the day they were hardly discernible in the tall grasses. However in the late afternoon (mostly […]

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Choosing Color

Many times I have seen the fields with tulips and the like from above, while approaching Schiphol Amsterdam Airport. An amazing number of wildly colored patches of land. No wonder that the Wagtails returning from […]

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Lit’l Skulker

The Common Grashopper Warbler tends to be rather skulky. This summer visitor moves most of the time mouselike through the undergrowth. Hence this LBJ is hard to find, except when singing. The song can be […]

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Misty Morning

Last week I ventured out early morning to catch the first morning light. No such thing however, the fog was overwhelming….. Since I was there, I decided to experiment a little with foggy images. My […]

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Although Eurasian Coots seem to fight over everything this time of year, other Coots nevertheless sometimes feel the need to cheer. When two start fighting (lower image), more often than not the surroundings Coots come to […]

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