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The Wires

As in the previous years, I decided to try and check ‘the Wires’ for migrating Whinchats. They were present for sure, but seemed less willing to let themselves be seen than in other years. Nevertheless, […]

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Little More

Some weeks ago, I found a Little Owl that appeared ‘approachable’. After my first visit I went back one more time, trying for some different images. Inspired by these little, fluffy owls, I decided to […]

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The Little Owl on the Prairie

Well, maybe it’s a pole instead of a prairie, but what the heck. Yesterday, after a rather disappointing visit to an area where I hoped for some nice waterfowl, I decided to drive past a […]

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Slavonian Success Story

Sometimes one has to have a bit of luck. The Slavonian Grebe was one of these species that I had photographed only in winter plumage so far. The reason? They are not all that common […]

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Click ‘n Tick :-(

Last week I tried my luck with some Little Ringed Plovers. As usual when shooting Plovers, I positioned myself on the ground, in this case between grasses and geese poo. Dressed in wellingtons, rain trousers […]

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Lapwing’s Loss

Another breeding site for Lapwings (status: near-threatened) has been demolished. The destructive side of construction so to speak. In this country it seems no one can rest until every square inch have been paved or […]

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Curlew Peekaboo

Eurasian Curlew | Wulp This morning I decided to check out part of our shore line. To be honest, I expected quite some waders, but not that many were around. An Eurasian Curlew played along […]

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Whinchat on a Wire

The last two weeks I have paid several visits to a Whinchat that was not all that shy. The different visits made for different results. Not only in terms of background, light and colours – […]

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Wet but alone

This morning I decided to go to the beach, to see if I could frame some Common Ringed Plovers. The weather forecast yesterday evening predicted a dry, sunny and windless morning. When I got up at […]

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Wryneck and Wheatear

The last period has been rather dull when it comes to birding. Summer is the low season by nature, but the drought and high temps made it even worse. Now, migration is slowly starting, resulting […]

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Foamy Dunlins

This morning I decided to pay a visit to the beach. Upon arriving there was not that much happening. Some gulls and Cormorants. After strolling around I suddenly noticed four Dunlins flying in and landing […]

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Home Alone

Home alone for me doesn’t only mean pizza, Chinese takeaway and party all night. It also makes me go out (even) a little more than normal, especially in the evening. Since this is the slowest […]

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