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Calidris Kitsch

To be honest, the last two months were rather depressing. COVID still dominated the news, people didn’t give a fuck about the “Corona-rules” and then complained about the more serious measures that had to be […]

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Ode to the Ordinary

Everyday birds usually end up as ‘collateral species’. A good example is (in my case) the Grey Heron. A bird I see everyday, and usually can even see looking out the window of our house. […]

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Gavia Immer 2.0

With a Common Loon in the vicinity, I simply had to go back. Did I tell you I love ‘Divers’? Probably so. My first photo shoot rendered okay images, but I knew I could do […]

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Goldie H.

The Dutch name for European Goldcrest is “Goudhaan”, hence the blog title. Europe’s smallest bird, measures some 8,5 cm (3.3″) in length and is a real feather-weight (5 grams, 0.17 ounce). But it is also […]

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Pectoral SP

What makes one drive to the far province of Zeeland, only to lay next to a smelly, almost dried-out murky pond (at 30 degrees Celsius)? Exactly ! An almost hand-tame Pectoral Sandpiper, a species I […]

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Whimbrel & Rain

De Regenwulp is geen broedvogel in Nederland, maar een doortrekker. Nu is dus het moment om ze tegen te komen, zeker langs de kust. Gisteren liep ik bij het strand toen ik opeens een Regenwulp […]

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Moorhen and Sons

In front of our house, among other birds, we usually have some Moorhens. They have, like many birds, a tough life when they have chicks. They need to feed them, but at the same time […]

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Seas of Yellow

Since a while, I had the plan to shoot Bluethroats in blooming rapeseed. But, for some reason, it never happened. I lacked the time or was abroad during the best time. Or simply forgot about […]

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Silly Flavissima

Once, the “Flavissima” was seen as a subspecies of the Yellow Wagtail. However, since some time now it is considered a separate species. But there’s always this thing with naming. Literally translated, we have named […]

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Breathtaking Bluethroat

As I wrote in an earlier blog, I wasn’t planning on going after Bluethroats this year. Not because they’re not nice – they are beautiful songbirds after all – but I mean: how many shots […]

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After spending time with Skylarks on hyacinths, I shifted my focus to Yellow Wagtails on red tulips. Not that I hadn’t done that before (and to be honest: it’s a horrible cliche), but we are […]

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Oenanthe Overexposed

Yesterday, before dawn, I ventured out. No fixed plan, just see what I would come across. At a small dyke, I found some Northern Wheatears. Both male and female. They where mainly busy searching for […]

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