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Seas of Yellow

Since a while, I had the plan to shoot Bluethroats in blooming rapeseed. But, for some reason, it never happened. I lacked the time or was abroad during the best time. Or simply forgot about […]

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Silly Flavissima

Once, the “Flavissima” was seen as a subspecies of the Yellow Wagtail. However, since some time now it is considered a separate species. But there’s always this thing with naming. Literally translated, we have named […]

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Breathtaking Bluethroat

As I wrote in an earlier blog, I wasn’t planning on going after Bluethroats this year. Not because they’re not nice – they are beautiful songbirds after all – but I mean: how many shots […]

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After spending time with Skylarks on hyacinths, I shifted my focus to Yellow Wagtails on red tulips. Not that I hadn’t done that before (and to be honest: it’s a horrible cliche), but we are […]

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Oenanthe Overexposed

Yesterday, before dawn, I ventured out. No fixed plan, just see what I would come across. At a small dyke, I found some Northern Wheatears. Both male and female. They where mainly busy searching for […]

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Lone Wolf

Crested Larks in The Netherlands have become extinct as a breeding species. Until the mid 70’s is was quite a common and widespread bird in our country. But the numbers have declined rapidly since then. […]

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Return to the Remiz

The first photo session of the year was okay, but I had some issues to deal with as you can read here. So, normally, I would go back for a 2nd, 3rd of even 4th […]

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Plectrophenax nivalis

… Also known as Snow Bunting. One of those birds that I always find a treat to watch and frame. Most of the time they are pretty busy, searching for food. We only get to […]

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The Wires

As in the previous years, I decided to try and check ‘the Wires’ for migrating Whinchats. They were present for sure, but seemed less willing to let themselves be seen than in other years. Nevertheless, […]

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Little More

Some weeks ago, I found a Little Owl that appeared ‘approachable’. After my first visit I went back one more time, trying for some different images. Inspired by these little, fluffy owls, I decided to […]

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The Little Owl on the Prairie

Well, maybe it’s a pole instead of a prairie, but what the heck. Yesterday, after a rather disappointing visit to an area where I hoped for some nice waterfowl, I decided to drive past a […]

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Slavonian Success Story

Sometimes one has to have a bit of luck. The Slavonian Grebe was one of these species that I had photographed only in winter plumage so far. The reason? They are not all that common […]

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