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Sanderling impaired?

Last weekend I went back to the beach, to see if I could get a glimpse of the Humpback Whale again (see this post). Next time, I’d better double check what I aks for, since […]

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Golden Boys

The (Eurasian) Rock Pipit is one of those rather dull, brown birds. That is, until it is lit my early morning sunlight. Suddenly this Little Brown Job turns into a small, golden gem. The Pipit […]

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Harbour Homies

This week I visited the harbour two times. All the usual suspects showed up: Purple Sandpipers, Ruddy Turnstones and Oystercatchers. Good to see the Sandpipers again, for me the first time this fall. As I […]

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Black Redstart

Last weekend I went to the harbour and beach once more, hoping for some nice plovers. But, none of those – alas. Instead, I found an extremely cooperative Black Redstart. One of the youngsters from […]

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Redstart up close

In one of my local patches I have been running into Black Redstarts for many years. They always seemed to be shy however, and I never made for much more than good evidence shots. A while […]

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Migrating Plovers

Living at the coast, we have many migrating birds. Two weeks ago, in Portugal, I found migrants as well. One of them was a Grey Plover. Shy birds, as I know them, and it took […]

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Horned Lark close to Home

Horned Larks are tiny, little larks, with – yes – little horns. Or at least along their crest they have elongated black feathers that appear to be horns. Anyway, although not rare they are not […]

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Little Heroes

Yesterday two Red Phalaropes were present at the shoreline. The weather proved to be rather dull and dark though, and making nice pictures was not easy. These little heroes (I call them heroes since they […]

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Small Job

Usually around the harbor, one finds the larger species: ducks, geese, gulls, cormorants etc. Today however it was very quiet, not much happening. But, I found these two little fellows: a Common Chiffchaff (Tjif-tjaf) and […]

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Fishy surprise

When I teamed up recently with Remco at the harbor, things looked bad. The sun that was promised to us didn’t shine, the wind was strong and sand and salty water sprayed us. I had seen […]

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Iceland Gull

Today I wasn’t planning on birding. Mid-afternoon however, I got a Whats-app message that an Iceland Gull (Kleine Burgemeester) had been spotted at the harbor. Even if I had limited time, I drove over and […]

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Common Eider feeding

  Since a while two Common Eiders (Eidereend) are hanging around in the Scheveningen Harbor. When I saw them today, it was feeding time. Nice to see them dive for food, mainly crab. But what […]

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