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Skylarks in Spring

Nothing is so connected with Spring as singing Eurasian Skylarks. Either sitting and displaying from the ground, or from high-up in the air: the Larks make sure their presence is known. This Spring I was […]

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Dotterel at Daytime

Dotterels rank high on my list of favourites. Ever since I saw my first one, I sort of fell in love with them. Here in The Netherlands, they are rare vagrants, although every year they […]

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Partridge Privilege

Nowadays I consider it a privilege to see and frame Grey Partridges, as the species is heavily in decline. Problem however is that they seem to have a preference for messy environments (see last image). […]

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As written earlier, this time of year is the right one to frame birds on flowerbeds. Something I do almost on a yearly basis. Not so much as to get new images, but because I […]

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Cetti’s Warbler: BOPH

When it comes to Cetti’s Warbler it’s a matter of BOPH: “Bird over Photo”. Ask the average birder about Cetti’s and chances are that most have heard the bird, but never actually seen it. Or only a […]

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Owl @ 1000mm

Close to my home I know by now of at least four (!) Tawny Owls that regularly show themselves. For the birder in me a unique and great situation. The photographer however isn’t all that […]

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Arguably one of the most beautiful Grebes we have around here: the Black-necked Grebe. It had been some years since I last had the chance of shooting them, but last week an opportunity arose. As […]

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Spring and Singing Skylarks

It seems like Spring has finally arrived. After weeks of rain, and a morning of dense fog, finally the sun showed itself. As if on cue, the Skylarks started singing – for me one of […]

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Mystic Loon

When I think of Loons, I think of calm lakes and forests. These birds seem have something mystic about them. They float around endlessly, contemplating the deeper meaning of life. Or so it seems. A […]

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Foggy Morning

This morning I decided to drive out and see if I could find and frame a group of (mixed) Flamingos that hang around in our Dutch Delta. The weather-forecast promised some fog in the morning, […]

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Washed Ashore

Some weeks ago I decided to check out the beach for gulls. There were many, but it was kind of hard to get nice images. Soon enough, my attention however was drawn towards a young […]

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The White Edition

While the newspapers wrote about a Great White in the waters of Hawaii, I visited our own ‘white monster’: a leucistic Great Crested Grebe. Since I had never seen one, I decided to spend my […]

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