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American Pipit – the Alticola Edition

While visiting the Rockies last month, I noticed some Pipit-like birds walking on the snow. Immediately I started taking pictures, still not sure which Pipit I was shooting exactly. As it turned out, it’s an […]

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Western Meadowlark

Without doubt, the Western Meadowlark has the most beautiful song I have heard from any bird in the US so far. So, when I drove around in South Park (CO, USA) last week, I recognised […]

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Wireless Western Kingbird

Over the years, most of the Kingbirds that I have seen were perched on fences and wires. Which makes sense, since they make for excellent look-out spots. But, truth to be told, I always hoped […]

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Grey Plover

One of those species that can be found around the whole planet: The Grey (or Black-bellied) Plover. Until now, I have seen them only in winter time, both in Europe (The Netherlands and Portugal) and […]

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Protecting Piping Plovers

During our Florida trip I was able to shoot a Plover that I hadn’t seen before: the Piping Plover. This brave, little bird was decorated with quite some bands. The species has the IUCN status […]

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Brown Pelican

The Brown Pelican is one of those species that one sees quite often in the US. In some places, especially touristic harbours, they seem as plenty as litter boxes. To get one nicely framed is […]

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Woody, Woods and Walls

Most of the birds I photographed in Florida were waders, herons and the like. With so much water, hardly a surprise. Still, there were quite some other species as well: the Red-bellied Woodpecker for instance. […]

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After checking in in our hotel in Cocoa Beach, we decided to go for a stroll without the camera (you know, not carrying all the kilo’s and simply walk the beach like a ‘normal’ tourist). […]

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Meeting Rosie

Before flying off to Miami, I told people half seriously that the Roseate Spoonbill would be my target species for our trip. Normally I do not really work with ‘target species’, but now I sort […]

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Plover Parade

As one may have noticed, I love plovers. So I was more than happy to meet with two ‘new’ plover species during my Florida stay: Wilson’s Plover and Piping Plover – both species that one […]

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Red Necks

Last year around this time of year I was visiting California. One of the birds I was able to see and frame was the Red-necked Phalarope. One of those busy birds, as Phalaropes are by […]

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Feathers and Fences

When driving through Utah’s country side, there’s many birds to be seen sitting on fences. No wonder, since they offer good starting points for hunting. Maybe not the photographer’s dream perch, since man-made structures are not […]

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