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Randstad Rail

The “Randstad” is the name for a megapolis of the four largest cities in The Netherlands. Still, enough bird species can be found in this densely populated area. In a small pond very close to […]

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Pictures of You

Oddly enough, I always expect male Red-breasted Mergansers to suddenly start singing. It must have something to do with their hairdo. That shows to me an eerie resemblance to that of Robert Smith, frontman of […]

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Males with Tails

Online retailers can tell you a lot about the long-tail. But, birders can get excited about long tails as well, but only when in birds like ‘Pin-tailed Whydah’ or ‘Long-tailed Ducks’. And, more specifically, when it’s […]

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She’s not there

Since several days, I am humming this Carlos Santana song while checking out the woods. Well, to me it’s a Carlos Santana song, for others it may be a song by The Zombies (original, dated […]

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Crowded House

This year, both Kestrel nest boxes in my area rendered five chicks. One of these boxes is at walking distance from my house, and usually when running in the woods I stop briefly to check […]

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Balcony Wagtail

About a month ago, a Black-headed Wagtail (a rare bird for our country) was seen in one of the areas that I visit several times a week in that time of year. Due to COVID-19, […]

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Fauvette Grisette

While cycling through the dunes recently, I heard and saw a singing Common Whitethroat. I was reminded that I had been a while since I had seen one of those through my lens. So, when […]

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Peaceful waters?

For a while we had quite some windy weather, but last week there was much less wind. So, I tried to find some ‘peaceful waters’. I did find some, but also noticed that the stillness […]

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Ross’s Goose NL

For quite a while, a Ross’s Goose hung around in The Netherlands, not too far a drive from where I live. Ross’s Goose is a rather small, white goose and to me one of the […]

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Lanius excubitor

Great Grey Shrikes are not an everyday sight where I live. Or in The Netherlands for that matter. When you are lucky you have a wintering individual not too far away. Last months we had […]

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You’re wired!

One could argue that this antenna-equipped bird looks like a remote-controlled Turkey. But it’s not, it’s a Great Bustard. A rarity in The Netherlands. Question is, of course, how ‘wild’ is this bird? A matter […]

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Some three months ago I wrote about a Hooded Merganser in my area. At the time it was rather shy and still part of a larger group of Tufted Ducks. A lot seems to have […]

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