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Brown-eared Bulbul

Last month, I spent some weeks cycling in South-Korea. Cycling and getting to know the country were of course the main goals, birding was driving in the back seat. That said, I saw quite some […]

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Coast or City?

Oystercatchers to me are coastal birds. Most places and countries where I have seen them, they tend to hang around the shorelines mainly. But not overhere. Okay, most of them are still seen close to […]

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Office Window Shooting

No, no bullets aimed at my windows. But when I am working in my home office, I sometimes turn my head to the left to see what birds are up in the trees. This time […]

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White-crowned Traveller ?

Last monday a White-crowned Wheatear was reported. Birders in The Netherlands were excited, since it would be the first time this bird would have shown up here. People came from all over the country to […]

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Parental Responsibilities

The last couple of days I was abroad, but before I left and after I returned I checked upon the Sparrow-hawks (Sperwer). They still seem to do well: mother is killing like crazy to provide […]

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Yesterday for some reason the battery of my car broke down, i.e I couldn’t start the engine anymore. While waiting for the repair service to show up, I suddenly noticed this sub-adult Smew in the […]

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Antelope Island – Utah

Some 30 miles North of Salt Lake City (Utah, US) is Antelope Island, a State Park. The causeway has thousands of (migratory) shorebirds, swallows and plenty of other birds. The island itself boasts lots of […]

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