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Ode to the Ordinary

Everyday birds usually end up as ‘collateral species’. A good example is (in my case) the Grey Heron. A bird I see everyday, and usually can even see looking out the window of our house. […]

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Of Herons and Horses

A Konik is a small, semi-feral horse, originating in Poland and not uncommon in The Netherlands nowadays. They have been introduced here and are frequently found in nature reserves with the aim of grazing and hence […]

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Red Dagger

In my previous blog I wrote about purple feet, so now it seems only logical to continue with a reddish bill. The Grey Heron in breeding plumage has a very colorful, dagger-like bill, as you […]

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Winter Weather

Since last Monday we have had snowfall. In the city this creates a mess, and it makes cycling a dangerous adventure. Nature however changes immediately for the better with some snow: wintery landscapes and frozen […]

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Wonderful light Dude !

One of the good things about freezing temperatures and low sunlight is that the colors are simply wonderful. Last saturday in the early morning light I witnessed some Carrion Crows (Zwarte Kraai)  harassing my ‘Front […]

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Knowing your Kestrel

If one has the possibility to visit a particular bird more often, it is possible to know it’s habits and preferences. Besides mice, this one also feeds on larger insects; grasshoppers for example (look carefully at […]

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Don’t take them for granted

This morning I planned for a short visit to one of the places where in the past I was lucky with Kingfishers (IJsvogel). The first observatory I visited wasn’t fruitful, so I moved on to […]

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Normal as can be

Between my travels I try and venture out to shoot some ‘normal’ species, i.e. the ones that can be found close to home….  The other thing I do at the moment, is working on the […]

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Big guys with wings

This morning I tried my luck at a place called “Starrevaart” , where there is a nice observatory. Depending on the time of day the light works for you, or against you. See for yourself […]

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Sushi Time

This morning I positioned myself with a cup of fresh coffee and the newspaper on a bench in front of my house. Suddenly this Grey Heron popped up with an enormous meal. Since I suspected […]

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