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A Calm Day

The weather forecast said it was going to be a calm day with hardly any wind. Here, along the coast line, this is not often the case – so I was also hoping for some […]

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Benno’s back!

Last year we had a Common Buzzard (Buizerd) named “Benno” in front of our house, on an almost daily basis. Two weeks ago I had been shooting Buzzards in between appointments (the shots in the […]

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Unpredictable Weather

Opening the curtains this morning revealed a sunny day, with a tiny amount of fresh snow on the fields – an ideal day to start with a drive around the farm fields. Soon enough I […]

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Melting back to normal

After a period with freezing temperatures and snow, everything is ‘melting back to normal’ here. Meaning that not much is happening – some Fieldfares (Kramsvogel) hanging around and showing their beautiful plumage against some grasses […]

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Winter Weather

Since last Monday we have had snowfall. In the city this creates a mess, and it makes cycling a dangerous adventure. Nature however changes immediately for the better with some snow: wintery landscapes and frozen […]

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Wonderful light Dude !

One of the good things about freezing temperatures and low sunlight is that the colors are simply wonderful. Last saturday in the early morning light I witnessed some Carrion Crows (Zwarte Kraai)  harassing my ‘Front […]

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The importance of Backgrounds

Often people pay most attention to their subject, sometimes resulting in wonderful shots. But ever so often they are disappointed when finally seeing the results of a day in the fields on their screen. The […]

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Benno the Buzzard

Today we had some sunshine over here, and since the Buzzard (Buizerd) is still hanging around, I couldn’t resist making some more shots. In the forest close to our house we have a regular Buzzard […]

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Spirit of Cape Verde Part II and a warm welcome home….

Many people associate the people from Cape Verde with music ! And correctly so, since there’s music everywhere. When taking the ferryboat from Sao Vincente to San Antao many musicians were on board and played […]

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“Pestvogels” and Poland

This weekend I was expected to give a presentation in Poland, in the city of Cracow. It was planned as a short “in- and out tour”. However, since the weather forecast for friday morning predicted […]

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Busy Buzzards

As I have shown earlier, there’s a Common Buzzard (Buizerd) hanging around my house. Taking goods shots however proves to be difficult, I even have the impression that the bird flies of as soon as […]

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Five Front-door Friends

Today I had a day in my home-office, and had quite some work to do. Every now and then I had to get up from my computer work to avoid getting square eyes. Camera, rubber […]

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