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Nippon People

During our travels in Japan of course we have seen more than only birds. In this photo blog some street photography. The images speak for themselves I’d say …. Gedurende onze reis door Japan hebben […]

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Clouds in B&W

Clouds can make for quite some interesting images. During one of my trips this year, I noticed some nice cloud formations and structures in the skies. Processing them in B&W emphasized their shapes, and made […]

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Playing with B&W

Sometimes I like to convert pictures to B&W, as I showed in a previous blog on the Eurasian Coot. Apple’s Aperture and Photoshop have their limitations. Since I am a happy user of several Topaz Labs […]

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Starlings and Stripes

Last spring I visited a place where large groups of Common Starlings gathered for what is called ‘murmuration’. From all directions the birds came to regroup before heading for their beds.  This fall, however, this […]

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