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Calidris Kitsch

To be honest, the last two months were rather depressing. COVID still dominated the news, people didn’t give a fuck about the “Corona-rules” and then complained about the more serious measures that had to be […]

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Who let the dogs out?

The beaches along our shoreline have never been very quiet, due to the proximity of towns and cities. However, over the last years, it has grown even more busy with people, dogs, horses and bikes. […]

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Sea, Foam and Sanderlings

Sanderlings always make me happy. Fun to watch, great to frame. Last week I found some at the beach of Ameland (Dutch island), where they were running around through layers of sea foam. Often they […]

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Shooting Sanderlings

It’s not a secret that I love Sanderlings. Part of that comes from their sympathetic appearence and their entertaining behaviour. Always busy and running back and forward along the shoreline. Only sometimes, one gets to […]

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Sanderling impaired?

Last weekend I went back to the beach, to see if I could get a glimpse of the Humpback Whale again (see this post). Next time, I’d better double check what I aks for, since […]

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Sunny Sanderlings

The last two days I spent in the province of Zeeland. And the weather was terrific: sunshine and only moderate winds. As I often have stated, ‘the best light is no light’. Can be. But […]

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What to do when you have already hundreds of images featuring Sanderlings ? Simply keep on shooting. Because besides the result, the activity of watching and trying to frame Sanderlings is extremely rewarding. Always speedy, […]

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Situational Sanderlings

It’s the time of year again when we have Sanderlings along our shorelines. Besides that they are a ‘convenient’ species for me (since I live at the coast), I am also very fond of them. […]

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Living in a seaside town, it’s not surprising that I frequently can be found on the beach. As can the Sanderlings, which have since long been among my favorite subjects. With the current abundance of food, […]

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Speedy Sanderlings at Sunset

Yesterday was one of those days when one can expect some nice skies around sunset. Heavy clouds, but in between some clear skies. When I arrived at the beach the tide was low, and the […]

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