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On Snipers and Snipes

Snipes are, when on the ground, rather difficult to spot. First of all, they tend to be extremely well camouflaged and hence blend in perfectly with their environments (as you can see in the first […]

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Grey Partridges are nervous wary birds. Once they notice something out of the ordinary, they either flee or freeze. When freezing, they perch themselves as flat to the ground as possible, trusting their camouflage. It […]

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“Hey, wait, isn’t that a…?”

Some birds are masters in blending in with their environment. When you are not actively looking for them you probably won’t even notice that they’re there. Unless they move or call, that is. In this […]

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Breeding Blog

Recently I paid several visits to a spot where Little Ringed Plover had been nesting. I found adults and their young chicks. One of the Plovers though was still on the nest, in a rather […]

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Blending in

One of the best places to look for Little Ringed Plovers in an urbanized part of the country is on constructions sites. Especially if the ground was cleared for future building, but nothing happened since. The […]

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The Most Tawny Owl

Tawny Owls are not really rare in The Netherlands, but the problem is you hardly ever see them. During day time day are mostly hiding in their nesting holes (or where-ever it is they spend the […]

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