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Click ‘n Tick :-(

Last week I tried my luck with some Little Ringed Plovers. As usual when shooting Plovers, I positioned myself on the ground, in this case between grasses and geese poo. Dressed in wellingtons, rain trousers […]

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Construction Works

In my blogs on the decreasing habitats for the Partridges in my area, I already mentioned the construction sites. As in blaming them for the loss of habitat. Which is true. On the other side, […]

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As I promised some weeks back in my blog, I would report and show the chicks I found at the Little Ringed Plovers spot. I paid them several visits and could almost see them getting […]

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One of the nice things about following birds over a longer period is that you can shoot in different conditions and capture different behaviours . Clouded or sunny weather, pre-breeding and post-breeding etc. Not too […]

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Breeding Blog

Recently I paid several visits to a spot where Little Ringed Plover had been nesting. I found adults and their young chicks. One of the Plovers though was still on the nest, in a rather […]

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Lake of Fire

“Where do bad folks go when they die? They don’t go to heaven where the angels fly They go to a lake of fire and fry Won’t see ’em again till the 4th of July” […]

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