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Office Window Shooting

No, no bullets aimed at my windows. But when I am working in my home office, I sometimes turn my head to the left to see what birds are up in the trees. This time […]

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Big City Birding

Living in the 3rd largest city of The Netherlands (some odd 500.000 inhabitants) doesn’t mean that one always has to travel long or far to do some nice birding. There’s a forest/park only two minutes walking […]

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Raising a little Rebel

The Eurasian Oystercatchers that have been breeding on the flat roof of our neighbors, have a child ! The chick is almost ‘finished’, but still being fed by the parents. The modus operandi looks as […]

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City Dwellers

Oystercatchers originally were mainly found at the coastline, indeed the best place for catching Oysters I’d say. More and more however, they move towards farmlands and cities as well. At this moment a pair is […]

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Picturing Paris

Paris: no matter how many times one has visited this city – there’s always something interesting to see. Our strategy usually is to just walk out of the hotel and head for some goal (or […]

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