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It’s only natural

“It’s only natural, that I should want to be there with you” (Crowded House). The you in this case is the Common Kingfisher. The natural applies to the fact that the images in this blog […]

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Different Light

Yesterday morning I spent with a good friend, shooting Kingfishers. Since we started early we had to deal with low light at the beginning. During the morning we had Kingfishers in direct sunlight, shadow and […]

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King’s Sushi

Common Kingfishers fish for, not surprisingly, fish! Since they often use the same perches to hammer their pray to death, it’s relatively easy to anticipate for this when taking pictures. Either from fixed hides, or […]

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Big City Birding

Living in the 3rd largest city of The Netherlands (some odd 500.000 inhabitants) doesn’t mean that one always has to travel long or far to do some nice birding. There’s a forest/park only two minutes walking […]

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Fall Foliage

Today I didn’t want to go to faraway places, so I just took a short stroll in the forest near my house. At one of the lakes I saw a Great Cormorant, perch on a branch above […]

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Kingfisher Time

Already some months ago I planned for a visit to a photo-hide in Kalmthout, Belgium. Goal was to frame Kingfishers once more. So last Friday I went to try my luck. A Kingfisher was present […]

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Posing and Perching

Yesterday I spent some time near a Common Kingfisher, in a nice and comfortable hide. Although popular among photographers, these birds are rather easy to shoot. Some water, a nice perch and if you are […]

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A Quick Kingfisher

Today I had a very brief window for venturing out, between two appointments. As so often is the case, interesting opportunities arise when you don’t expect them. So suddenly I had the opportunity for framing […]

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In Memoriam

So much as I enjoyed seeing the Kingfishers (IJsvogel) over the last few days, so sad I was when I found the first winter victim this morning. Of course we all know that when it […]

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Birding from a Boat

Last week I was for a short visit in Thailand. Although spending lots of time on land, I made some of my more interesting shots from a boat. The first time was on a lake […]

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Kingfisher Time

After some days of rain, today promised to be a day with clear skies. I decided to try my luck in the province of Flevoland, looking for Kingfishers. Since I do not know that area […]

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