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Friendly Fog

Better than ‘friendly fire’: fog ! A while ago, I drove out very early to the shoreline, hoping to find a nice and foggy landscape. The forecasts were promising, but I have learned by now […]

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Soft rime

Wikipedia says: Soft rime is a white ice deposition that forms when the water droplets in light freezing fog or mist freeze to the outer surfaces of objects, with calm or light wind. The fog freezes usually to the windward side of tree branches, wires, or any […]

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Failure all around …

As we all know, shooting birds includes more failed attempts than succes stories. Yesterday I left home with an image in mind: a Cattle Egret in the morning fog. Upon arriving at the spot, the […]

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California Quail

The California Quail almost looks unreal. At close inspection the patterns in the feathers are almost too good to be true. Not to mention the head plume… I guess you could call them ‘design birds’. […]

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Misty Morning

Last week I ventured out early morning to catch the first morning light. No such thing however, the fog was overwhelming….. Since I was there, I decided to experiment a little with foggy images. My […]

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