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Forest in B&W

Fall is of course best known for its wonderful colours. This year I decided to see what B&W shots would do with an ‘Autumn’ forest. To make things easy, I picked the forest adjacent to […]

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Cycling with the D-Lux

The last couple of weeks I was out on my bicycle, riding from The Netherlands to Berlin, Germany. Some 1100km’s. Since the middle of summer is usually kind of slow with birds, I decided to […]

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Playing in the Woods

In the forest close-by we can see small changes everyday this time of year. Right now large parts of the forest are carpeted with ‘Wood Anemones’ (Anemone nemorosa) – creating a nice and delicate pattern. For […]

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Spending time with the Sparrowhawks – The Female

The parks and forest close to my home host several pairs of Sparrowhawks. Usually it’s just a matter of luck of running in to them, but if you visit the places regularly there seem to be […]

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