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City Cormorant

Most of the time I prefer smooth backgrounds for my subjects. Sometimes, however, I choose for a different approach. Our Cormorants tend to hang out at the local harbour. There, they can been photographed against […]

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Ready !

Although at the time I write this the snowflakes are whirling around the house, this male Cormorant obviously had other things in mind last week. The white feathers on the crown, neck and thigh show that […]

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The Creative Cormorant

A while ago, I had the opportunity to get very close to a Great Cormorant. The bird was totally focussed on preening it’s plumage, maybe that’s why I could get that close without disturbing the […]

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Dutch Dikes

The good things about the dikes (or: levees) that protect below-sea-level farmland, is that – when a road runs alongside – they offer very interesting photo opportunities. In such a situation, one can shoot from […]

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The importance of Backgrounds

Often people pay most attention to their subject, sometimes resulting in wonderful shots. But ever so often they are disappointed when finally seeing the results of a day in the fields on their screen. The […]

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Normal as can be

Between my travels I try and venture out to shoot some ‘normal’ species, i.e. the ones that can be found close to home….  The other thing I do at the moment, is working on the […]

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Lousy Days?

One of the fun things about birding is that you can never be sure what to expect. I am not so sure about that fun part…  The last days I had several plans, but none […]

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This time of year loads of (Black-legged) Kittiwakes (Drieteenmeeuw) are migrating along the shores of Holland. Swift birds, not that easy to frame. But: if there are many , you get the chance for some […]

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