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Partridge Privilege

Nowadays I consider it a privilege to see and frame Grey Partridges, as the species is heavily in decline. Problem however is that they seem to have a preference for messy environments (see last image). […]

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Over the last couple of years I have seen Partridges at a spot not too far from my home. Their living space is getting smaller every year though, since buildings are still taking over more […]

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Grey Partridges are nervous wary birds. Once they notice something out of the ordinary, they either flee or freeze. When freezing, they perch themselves as flat to the ground as possible, trusting their camouflage. It […]

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Perdix Perdix

Grey Partridges tend to dwell on messy grounds. In our area, these habitats have almost completely disappeared though. Best chances nowadays are at construction sites, especially those that are not worked on for some years. […]

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Getting Rare

One of the red-listed species here in The Netherlands is the Grey Partridge. Since 1990 the breeding population has declined with no less than 80%. Especially in the area where I live,  one hardly encounters them […]

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The Tall Poppy Syndrome

In Dutch we have an expression, which seems hard to translate: ‘met je kop boven het maaiveld uitsteken’. The meaning is, that in The Netherlands it is discouraged to stand out from the crowds. Literally translated […]

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In decline……

The Grey Partridge used to be a fairly common species throughout The Netherlands. Due a combination of hunting and the change in agricultural practice, the species has been in dramatic decline over the last decades. Especially in […]

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2013: The Year of the Grey Partridge

The Dutch organizations for monitoring (SOVON) and protecting (Vogelbescherming Nederland) birds have declared 2013 to be the Year of the Grey Partridge (Het Jaar van de Patrijs). Since the seventies, the population of this species […]

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A long day in Zeeland

Yesterday Menno and I left early for a long day of birding in the Province of Zeeland. Although many species on our wish list hid themselves for us, I ended up with three new species […]

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