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GSW to rely on

Sometimes I just want to go out and take some pictures. Just as a way of relaxing. A nice subject always helps. Some places are very reliable when it comes down to Great Spotted Woodpeckers, […]

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Woody once more ….

As I have mentioned before, for sure, Woodpeckers rank among my favorites,. The Great Spotted Woodpecker was my first love when it came to bird photography. Even with plenty shots in my library, I still […]

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Never tired of Woody

When I started to develop an interest in birds, the Great Spotted Woodpecker was one of the first birds that made my heart tick. In the dense summer forest close to our home, we could […]

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Shooting in the Rain

A while ago Remco, Marco and me planned a day for hide-photography. Something you have to plan, since the hide is often booked and it’s quite a distance by car, even in a small country […]

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In a hot hide

As I showed in my previous post, some ten days ago I visited a hide. Since it was a very hot day, not only we had  a tough time in the hide, also the birds […]

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Nailing the Nuthatch

  Two weeks ago we spent a weekend with friends in a cottage in the woods. I brought the camera, hoping to frame some birds. I did, but every time missed out on the Nuthatch […]

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Forest Time

Last week I spent much time among plovers and stilts, in open areas. This weekend however I found myself mostly in forested areas, one close by and another in eastern part of Holland. As one […]

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Birding in Beijing

As I am currently in Beijing, I organized a quick visit to the chinese Capital’s Botanical Gardens. Having had contact with some locals, there was one species I was after: the Pallas’s Rosefinch (Pallas’ Roodmus) […]

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Behavioral Differences

The last couple of days we were able to observe birds doing rather different things. The Gull was having a tasty encounter with this late Pigeon. The Common Terns were exchanging love letters in the […]

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Close to ‘da House’…

Due to work and other appointments, these days I have to do with birds close to our house. Luckily the Great Spotted Woodpeckers (Grote Bonte Specht) are still around, which made for some minutes of […]

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Little Giants, Reds & Blues

Yesterday I heard the well-known sound of a young Great Spotted Woodpecker (Grote Bonte Specht), asking for food. A closer look revealed that there were 2-3 young birds with their parents roaming through the trees […]

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Litttle Great Spotted Woodpecker

The little ones are getting bigger by the day ! A while ago the little woodpecker was still in the nest. Last sunday it was suddenly in a tree opposite to our house, with both […]

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