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Taking a Walk

Close to my home, a couple of Canada Geese is breeding. They have chosen a little island as their crib. While the female is on the nest, the male usually is nearby floating in the […]

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Canadian Beauty

Canada Geese have become an everyday sight in The Netherlands and are hence as a subject for photos often neglected. Nevertheless they are quite beautiful birds, at least to me. The ones in this blog […]

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Canada Goose in Distress

Yesterday I came back from Beijing, and to get rid of the jet lag as soon as possible I wanted to go outside this morning. Upon leaving the house however I saw an usual goose […]

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Winter Weather

Since last Monday we have had snowfall. In the city this creates a mess, and it makes cycling a dangerous adventure. Nature however changes immediately for the better with some snow: wintery landscapes and frozen […]

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Sind House Crow (Corvus splendens zugmayeri)

Hoek van Holland is the place to look for House Crows (Huiskraai), a species that has had lots of media attention over the last couple of weeks. Even though there’s only some odd 25 of […]

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Mixed Assortment

Even if these days there is not a lot happening, and I spent considerable time at the Kestrels’ Place, sometimes there’s also some other bird around. Yesterday some Canada Geese flew by (Grote Canadese Gans) […]

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