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In the Spotlight

Taking pictures in a forest has it’s own challenges. Especially the contrast between light and dark patches can be difficult to handle, of course mostly when the sun is shining. On the upside, if the […]

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Curious Creature….

When walking through the woods close to my home, I often see Red Squirrels. Sometimes chasing each other, sometimes alone. Sometimes shy, sometimes curious. In this case the Squirrel showed a raised interest in all […]

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Playing in the Woods

In the forest close-by we can see small changes everyday this time of year. Right now large parts of the forest are carpeted with ‘Wood Anemones’ (Anemone nemorosa) – creating a nice and delicate pattern. For […]

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Parks and Ponds

When thinking about ‘nature’ or ‘wildlife’, many city dwellers think about ‘having to travel somewhere’. What many people often neglect is the variety of species they could find in their towns and cities. City parks […]

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Happy Family

The Great Crested Grebes (Fuut) in the pond close to my house have three chicks. They are raising and feeding them. The mother floats around with the three little Grebes on her back, while the […]

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‘Nother Nuthatch

The last days have been pretty hectic, and it was hard to find time for going out. Since everyone needs some fresh air, I managed to get away every now and then – but had […]

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Duck Days

Due to the cold temperatures in this part of Europe, most passerines haven’t arrived yet – and those that did probably went back where they came from 😉 …. With not much time on my […]

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Fooling around

This time of year the Great Crested Grebes (Fuut) are performing their rituals of courtship. Since the contrast between the whites and blacks are high, this is not so easy to frame. On top of […]

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Duck Day

Since I wanted to stay close to home today, I decided to start in the forest next door. A while ago I bought a right-angle viewfinder, so I thought it might be fun trying this […]

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Sunny Birthday

When our neighbor, a.k.a. Queen Beatrix, celebrates her birthday, the guards are dressed more formal than normal. Also there’s a real Change of the Guards every now and then. And some people stop by to […]

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Winter Weather

Since last Monday we have had snowfall. In the city this creates a mess, and it makes cycling a dangerous adventure. Nature however changes immediately for the better with some snow: wintery landscapes and frozen […]

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Lonesome Loon – new species!

Since some days a Black-throated Loon (Parelduiker) had been reported not too far away. Due to other obligations and bad weather conditions, I had to wait until today to give it a try. It was […]

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