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Forest in B&W

Fall is of course best known for its wonderful colours. This year I decided to see what B&W shots would do with an ‘Autumn’ forest. To make things easy, I picked the forest adjacent to […]

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Taking a Walk

Close to my home, a couple of Canada Geese is breeding. They have chosen a little island as their crib. While the female is on the nest, the male usually is nearby floating in the […]

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Mandarin Moments

Mandarin Ducks are an introduced species in Europe, originating in East-Asia. In The Netherlands they are breeding since the early 80’s. Every now and then I see them in park ponds or little waters here […]

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In the Spotlight

Taking pictures in a forest has it’s own challenges. Especially the contrast between light and dark patches can be difficult to handle, of course mostly when the sun is shining. On the upside, if the […]

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Prime Problem?

Prime lenses are known for their sharpness and overall image quality. Hence my choice for using prime lenses mainly. This morning however I felt in desperate need of zoom. For zooming out that is, since […]

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Playing in the Woods

In the forest close-by we can see small changes everyday this time of year. Right now large parts of the forest are carpeted with ‘Wood Anemones’ (Anemone nemorosa) – creating a nice and delicate pattern. For […]

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In calm waters

While most birders were visiting the several vagrants that are in The Netherlands at this moment, I stayed closer to home and tried to improve on my Little Grebe shots. It’s the smallest grebe we have around […]

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Spring ?

Fog and basically not much happening these days around here. However, during my lunch break I took a walk in the forest close my house. These Mallards (Wilde Eend) drew my attention, since they were […]

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