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Black Phoebe

One of the birds I encountered almost everywhere during my recent California trip was the Black Phoebe. Clearly showing why it’s in the family of flycatchers, it was usually hunting for insects from an exposed […]

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Although Eurasian Coots seem to fight over everything this time of year, other Coots nevertheless sometimes feel the need to cheer. When two start fighting (lower image), more often than not the surroundings Coots come to […]

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Flying Candy

Hmm, for some reasons Flamingos have never been able to get me excited. I don’t know what it is, maybe, since they do not live in The Netherlands, I came to associate them mainly with […]

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In decline……

The Grey Partridge used to be a fairly common species throughout The Netherlands. Due a combination of hunting and the change in agricultural practice, the species has been in dramatic decline over the last decades. Especially in […]

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Wrong Lens ?!

The last two days I was attending a conference in Poland, near Warsaw. I wanted to make some shots of the event, and maybe – should I have the time – of the surroundings. Although […]

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