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Purple and Rain

Purple Herons are notoriously shy birds. Usually they see you, before you notice them, and fly off. Young birds are a little easier, but lack the extreme colouring of the adults. And the colours are […]

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Pectoral SP

What makes one drive to the far province of Zeeland, only to lay next to a smelly, almost dried-out murky pond (at 30 degrees Celsius)? Exactly ! An almost hand-tame Pectoral Sandpiper, a species I […]

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Whimbrel & Rain

De Regenwulp is geen broedvogel in Nederland, maar een doortrekker. Nu is dus het moment om ze tegen te komen, zeker langs de kust. Gisteren liep ik bij het strand toen ik opeens een Regenwulp […]

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Blyth’s Reed-Warbler

This year has been a strange year and not only because of the Corona-virus. Until now I had the opportunity of framing no less than three species, that you normally hardly get to see at […]

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Zwooi !

Hier in de regio struikel je niet echt over de Zwarte Ooievaars (“Zwooi”). Nergens eigenlijk in Nederland. Tijdens de trek worden er elk jaar echter wel de nodige gezien. Toch is het nu ook weer […]

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Little Crake

Twitching and making nice images don’t go well together most of the times. That’s why initially I didn’t want to visit a juvenile Little Crake that was seen in the Southeastern part of country. Although […]

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Aquatic Warbler

The Aquatic Warbler to me has always been an unreliable and skulky bastard. So, good to have it off my chest ! Because, for years, I have been trying to get a descent view and […]

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Off the Rails

With the number of Rails being reported in The Netherlands right now (due to the drought they show themselves a bit better), I remembered that I still had to sort out my Sora shots, that […]

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Moorhen and Sons

In front of our house, among other birds, we usually have some Moorhens. They have, like many birds, a tough life when they have chicks. They need to feed them, but at the same time […]

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Jack the Dipper

Recently we spent some time in the Austrian Alps for a hiking vacation.  After we had arrived at our holiday home, and by then had spent quite some time in the car, we decided to […]

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Seas of Yellow

Since a while, I had the plan to shoot Bluethroats in blooming rapeseed. But, for some reason, it never happened. I lacked the time or was abroad during the best time. Or simply forgot about […]

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Rudolf, the red-billed Bittern

Over the years I have had my share of Little Bitterns, but still it’s great if you get the chance to see one. And that’s not always that easy. First of all they tend to […]

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