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Whistling Warbler

In the last week of April I found a Wood Warbler! Or, I heard one is actually more accurate. Not so strange, since these Warblers are normally much easier to hear than to see. They […]

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Full Color Godwit

This time of year, there’s a chance to see birds, that you normally only get to see in winter dress, in breeding plumage. On their way north, they visit our country briefly to feed. One […]

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After spending time with Skylarks on hyacinths, I shifted my focus to Yellow Wagtails on red tulips. Not that I hadn’t done that before (and to be honest: it’s a horrible cliche), but we are […]

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Fauvette Grisette

While cycling through the dunes recently, I heard and saw a singing Common Whitethroat. I was reminded that I had been a while since I had seen one of those through my lens. So, when […]

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Flower Power part 1

As the Corona crisis keeps most of us close to home, I resorted as well to my favourite areas. One of those is of course the flower beds that we have in The Netherlands. About […]

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Oenanthe Overexposed

Yesterday, before dawn, I ventured out. No fixed plan, just see what I would come across. At a small dyke, I found some Northern Wheatears. Both male and female. They where mainly busy searching for […]

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More often than not, bird photographers try to get as close as they can. Normally this requires quite some millimetres or a rather tame bird. The opposite however is to have the bird ‘small in […]

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Bluethroat – Basic

As of mid March, the Bluethroats arrive – back from their winter holidays. With this return, immediately lots of images are posted on the social media, often with accompanying texts like ‘my first Bluethroat’ or […]

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Peaceful waters?

For a while we had quite some windy weather, but last week there was much less wind. So, I tried to find some ‘peaceful waters’. I did find some, but also noticed that the stillness […]

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The Black-tailed Godwit is our ‘national bird’. When it returns to The Netherlands it’s one of those signals that Spring is slowly starting. My first photo moments with this species this year had to do […]

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Forgotten Hummer

Recently, somebody asked me if I had any shots of US Hummingbirds. Actually I do, but I also suddenly realised that I had shot Broad-tailed Hummingbirds last spring while visiting the Rockies. So, since I […]

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Sheep Shame?

Currently there are some Cattle Egrets in The Netherlands. Still considered rare, but not extremely rare anymore I’d say. Anyway, during a day of birding yesterday, we tried to find one. The Dutch name for […]

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