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In passing by

For me, traveling by car through the US always has a certain charm. Things that for locals may be normal, to me (as a European) look sort of exotic. Everyday scenes like gas stations, motels […]

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Playing in the Woods

In the forest close-by we can see small changes everyday this time of year. Right now large parts of the forest are carpeted with ‘Wood Anemones’ (Anemone nemorosa) – creating a nice and delicate pattern. For […]

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Stay (Far away, so close)

No, this is not about the U2 song from 1993 (ouch, I am getting old). It’s about the always present question whether you want to have the birds large in the frame or show them in their […]

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Birds in Flight and Backgrounds

  Birds in Flight (BIF) are always a challenge. And not only in terms of speed and getting the focus right in time. Especially the background is always an issue. Simply having the subject framed […]

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The Pipit and the Peephole

As some may know, I have a soft spot for photos with half-hidden or – obscured birds. Usually I achieve this by taking a low point of view, but today I experimented with ‘shooting through bushes’. […]

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Pied Avocet

The Pied Avocet (Kluut) is a Bird in Black&White. Not much color. So the colors have to come from the surroundings. Although I had planned for framing this bird on one of the Dutch isles […]

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Searching for Savi’s

This is the time of year to look for Savi’s Warbler (Snor). Well, looking – listening is probably more effective. Their monotonuous sound can be heard from quite some distance, and then it’s just a […]

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Under mummy’s wings…..

Photographing a nest is normally ‘not done’. And you wouldn’t normally risk to get close to an Eagle Owl’s (Oehoe) nest neither!  But what if – for the 3rd year in a row – the […]

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Black-necked Grebes

Black-necked Grebes (Geoorde Fuut) are much liked among photographers. Probably because of their extravagantly tufted ‘ears’. It gives them something exotic. On top of that they are not that common in The Netherlands. Last week […]

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One Shot Blog

This blog contains only one shot as you can see. Not often I venture out with the exact shot I want to make already in mind. As you have seen in previous blogs, I had […]

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Black-tailed Godwit

This time of year, you can hear their calls in many places: the Black-tailed Godwits (Grutto). Of course, mainly on farm fields and in the ‘polders’, but sometimes they can be seen on muddy construction […]

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Active Male

The Bluetroaths (Blauwborst) are early this year, the first ones have been reported as early as the first week of March. Last week I found one, but it didn’t show itself very well. This morning […]

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