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On Snipers and Snipes

Snipes are, when on the ground, rather difficult to spot. First of all, they tend to be extremely well camouflaged and hence blend in perfectly with their environments (as you can see in the first […]

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Snow Bunting

One of the species we found on Heligoland, was the Snow Bunting. Of course, I had seen them in The Netherlands as well (and in Iceland), since usually we have some in winter hanging around. […]

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Mr Black and White

Besides the Northern Gannets there’s another abundant species to be found on Helgoland: the Common Murre or Guillemot. With their black and white dress and upright breeding position, they resemble penguins a little. Both are […]

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Heads of Helgoland

Last week I visited the German island of Helgoland. Main goal was to have a few relaxed days and taking pictures of Northern Gannets. Which is not that hard, since the island boasts a huge […]

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Gannets @ 24-70mm

What does one do when it’s almost too hot to cycle and there’s a ferry boat to Helgoland (Germany)…..? Indeed:  book a hotel on the island, hop on the ferry and go and have a look. […]

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