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Foggy Morning

This morning I decided to drive out and see if I could find and frame a group of (mixed) Flamingos that hang around in our Dutch Delta. The weather-forecast promised some fog in the morning, […]

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“Hey, wait, isn’t that a…?”

Some birds are masters in blending in with their environment. When you are not actively looking for them you probably won’t even notice that they’re there. Unless they move or call, that is. In this […]

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Horned Lark close to Home

Horned Larks are tiny, little larks, with – yes – little horns. Or at least along their crest they have elongated black feathers that appear to be horns. Anyway, although not rare they are not […]

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Feathers and Fences

When driving through Utah’s country side, there’s many birds to be seen sitting on fences. No wonder, since they offer good starting points for hunting. Maybe not the photographer’s dream perch, since man-made structures are not […]

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The importance of Backgrounds

Often people pay most attention to their subject, sometimes resulting in wonderful shots. But ever so often they are disappointed when finally seeing the results of a day in the fields on their screen. The […]

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