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Lil’ B. Rain

No, this is not about some infamous rapper. It’s about the Little Bittern. Not much rapping there, producing a mere monotonous ‘dog barking’ is what they do. And that’s usually all you get from then. […]

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Little Bitterns at 2500k away

One of the birds I wanted to shoot in Portugal was the Little Bittern. I visited a place last fall that seemed suitable, and hence planned on going back there. Before my departure to Portugal […]

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“Hey, wait, isn’t that a…?”

Some birds are masters in blending in with their environment. When you are not actively looking for them you probably won’t even notice that they’re there. Unless they move or call, that is. In this […]

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Little Bittern on Lesvos

One bird you can find for sure while visiting Lesvos, is the Little Bittern. Although much smaller than some people suspect, it can be found along the rivers, canals and ponds. Of course, you must […]

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So small…..

Little Bitterns are the smallest herons we have around here, more or less the size of a Common Moorhen. They live pretty secluded lives and there are only a few spots in The Netherlands where they […]

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