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To Knot or not to Knot? That was the question last Saturday. I had already heard, through Remco, that two Red Knots had shown themselves pretty nicely in the morning at the coast. But when […]

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(K)not Red

Red Knots can be seen along our shorelines during this time of year. However, looking for a red bird won’t do you much good, since most of the birds are first winter birds. I found […]

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The Dutch Tundra?

Initially we had planned driving up north. Bad weather predictions and not being all that fit, made Menno and me decide to cancel the trip. Still I felt going outside for a while wouldn’t hurt, […]

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Red Knot – (K)not Easy

Yesterday afternoon I stumbled upon a Red Knot (Kanoet) – a species I like a lot, even when not in breeding plumage. The problem however at the site I visited, is the fact that there’s […]

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