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Sheep Shame?

Currently there are some Cattle Egrets in The Netherlands. Still considered rare, but not extremely rare anymore I’d say. Anyway, during a day of birding yesterday, we tried to find one. The Dutch name for […]

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Cold Cattle

For me, Cattle Egrets are associated with pleasant temperatures. You know: shorts and flip flops, my favourite shooting attire 😉 . Since I have seen them mainly in Asia, Africa and Southern Europe, this probably […]

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Last Day Light

Last week I spent in Southern Portugal. With the temperatures considerable higher than in The Netherlands, and – more important – sunny skies every day, it was no chore to venture out and look for […]

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Gryllotalpa gryllotalpa

Gryllotalpa gryllotalpa ? What the heck? Okay, I came across it when searching for the name of the snack this Cattle Egret was feasting on… A European Mole Cricket, at least I assume it’s the correct […]

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