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Slavonian Success Story

Sometimes one has to have a bit of luck. The Slavonian Grebe was one of these species that I had photographed only in winter plumage so far. The reason? They are not all that common […]

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Slavonian Winter Visitor

For the last years, every winter around this time there’s a Slavonian Grebe on a lake not too far from my home. And although I have already quite some images of the species, I am […]

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Closing In

As for the past five years or so, a Horned Grebe showed up in February in a lake not too far from my home. Not sure whether it’s the same individual, but this year the Grebe […]

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Slavonian Grebe Revisited

In an earlier blog post, I mentioned that I planned on making better shots of the Slavonian Grebe. Hence I visited the bird three more times. The first time I couldn’t find the grebe at […]

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Another Grebe

Yesterday, on my way to my physiotherapist, I got a message that at that moment a Slavonian Grebe was spotted close by. Okay, of course in winter plumage, but still a species that is not […]

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