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Moorhen and Sons

In front of our house, among other birds, we usually have some Moorhens. They have, like many birds, a tough life when they have chicks. They need to feed them, but at the same time […]

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Little Stilts

This spring I was able to frame chicks of several species: Little Ringed Plovers, Shelducks and Oystercatchers, among others. Also, for the first time, I saw and photographed the chicks of Black-winged Stilts. From a […]

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As I promised some weeks back in my blog, I would report and show the chicks I found at the Little Ringed Plovers spot. I paid them several visits and could almost see them getting […]

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Fluffy Chick

Recently I stumbled upon a breeding Oystercatcher. The bird was very alert, and since I didn’t want to disturb it any further, I kept my distance. I could see however through my binoculars that the […]

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Spoonbill Siblings

Spoonbills rock ! I simply love these birds, especially during the breeding season when they show their ‘bushy nuchal crest’. Of course they are unmistakable with their typical bill with a spatula-shaped tip (hence the […]

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Fluffy Bunch

This time of year is traditionally the time to search for young Tawny Owls. Over the last years the forest close to my home hosted 3-4 nests and every year I found some of these […]

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Almost finished

Some weeks ago, I witnessed the Egyptian Geese ducklings take their very  first steps. The little ones stayed close to their parents, and when feeding time was over, they quickly retreated to the cosy space underneath their […]

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Street Life

Although it’s only early February, the Egyptian Geese in my street already produced their first set of offspring. Eight of those cute, little chicks running around. The parents guard them with their lives, and usually […]

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