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The Black-tailed Godwit is our ‘national bird’. When it returns to The Netherlands it’s one of those signals that Spring is slowly starting. My first photo moments with this species this year had to do […]

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Skylarks in Spring

Nothing is so connected with Spring as singing Eurasian Skylarks. Either sitting and displaying from the ground, or from high-up in the air: the Larks make sure their presence is known. This Spring I was […]

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As written earlier, this time of year is the right one to frame birds on flowerbeds. Something I do almost on a yearly basis. Not so much as to get new images, but because I […]

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Black-tailed Back

Since several weeks the Black-tailed Godwits are back from their winter break. Although in strong decline, and nearly threatened, there’s still plenty of opportunities to see them. Even close to home. Yesterday, on my way […]

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Windy Welcome

One of the first real signs of Spring is when the Bluethroats are back from Africa and start singing again.  An unmistakable song by the way. This morning was a little too windy, and the […]

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