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Peaceful waters?

For a while we had quite some windy weather, but last week there was much less wind. So, I tried to find some ‘peaceful waters’. I did find some, but also noticed that the stillness […]

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Blue Barrels & Birds

A while ago I went to the Dutch Delta, birding and catching up with Menno. The sky was grey and there was hardly any light. As several points in the Delta one can see endless […]

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Although Eurasian Coots seem to fight over everything this time of year, other Coots nevertheless sometimes feel the need to cheer. When two start fighting (lower image), more often than not the surroundings Coots come to […]

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A Clash about Coot’s Castle

This week I found two Great Crested Grebes (Fuut) that seemed to have found a nesting site. A pair of Coots (Meerkoet) however apparently had their eyes on this place as well, an maybe even […]

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Duck Day

Since I wanted to stay close to home today, I decided to start in the forest next door. A while ago I bought a right-angle viewfinder, so I thought it might be fun trying this […]

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Winter Weather Continued

Sorry, but I couldn’t resist going outside for some 2 hours again today. I made a short field trip, and my surprise of the day was a Dunnock (Heggenmus) that was willing to work along […]

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Flat on the ground…..

The last couple of days the weather was not that good for birding. Because of the heavy storms yesterday however, I had hoped for some special birds in the harbor, but there were none. But […]

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Rape, not plunder

I am not sure whether it’s illegal to publish pictures of actual rape on the internet, but here we go. This happened just one hour ago in front of my house… Aggressive little creatures ! […]

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