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Friendly Fog

Better than ‘friendly fire’: fog ! A while ago, I drove out very early to the shoreline, hoping to find a nice and foggy landscape. The forecasts were promising, but I have learned by now […]

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Failure all around …

As we all know, shooting birds includes more failed attempts than succes stories. Yesterday I left home with an image in mind: a Cattle Egret in the morning fog. Upon arriving at the spot, the […]

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California Quail

The California Quail almost looks unreal. At close inspection the patterns in the feathers are almost too good to be true. Not to mention the head plume… I guess you could call them ‘design birds’. […]

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Misty Morning

Last week I ventured out early morning to catch the first morning light. No such thing however, the fog was overwhelming….. Since I was there, I decided to experiment a little with foggy images. My […]

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