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After spending time with Skylarks on hyacinths, I shifted my focus to Yellow Wagtails on red tulips. Not that I hadn’t done that before (and to be honest: it’s a horrible cliche), but we are […]

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Feathers n’ Flowers

Okay, I admit, shooting Wagtails on Tulips is rather cliché. At least when living in The Netherlands. That said, I couldn’t resist giving it one more go this year. No, I was not planning on […]

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Singing Purple Rain

With Prince having passed away a year ago yesterday and playing “Purple Rain” on my computer, I decided it was time for some tribute. So, I needed something purple and a singer. The first thing that […]

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Choosing Color

Many times I have seen the fields with tulips and the like from above, while approaching Schiphol Amsterdam Airport. An amazing number of wildly colored patches of land. No wonder that the Wagtails returning from […]

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Surprise Surprise

One of the birds to look for between the Dutch flowerbeds, is of course the Blue-headed Wagtail. Nicely matching with the yellow tulips. While waiting for one of the Wagtails to come a little closer, I […]

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