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Black Terns

Over the last weeks I have been looking for Black Terns in three different locations. Since I also varied in the time of day (early morning and late evening), I was able to take different […]

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During my visit to Helgoland, I concentrated on the Gannets in the early and late hours of the day. The rest of the time I spent strolling around the small island, lying at the large […]

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Mr Black and White

Besides the Northern Gannets there’s another abundant species to be found on Helgoland: the Common Murre or Guillemot. With their black and white dress and upright breeding position, they resemble penguins a little. Both are […]

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Spoonbill Siblings

Spoonbills rock ! I simply love these birds, especially during the breeding season when they show their ‘bushy nuchal crest’. Of course they are unmistakable with their typical bill with a spatula-shaped tip (hence the […]

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Breeding Blog

Recently I paid several visits to a spot where Little Ringed Plover had been nesting. I found adults and their young chicks. One of the Plovers though was still on the nest, in a rather […]

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Fast Movers

Last month I spent some time around a colony of Sand Martins (a.k.a. Bank Swallow). Always fun seeing the endless activity around the nesting holes. Some birds were busy collecting their nesting material, others seemed […]

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Under mummy’s wings…..

Photographing a nest is normally ‘not done’. And you wouldn’t normally risk to get close to an Eagle Owl’s (Oehoe) nest neither!  But what if – for the 3rd year in a row – the […]

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A Clash about Coot’s Castle

This week I found two Great Crested Grebes (Fuut) that seemed to have found a nesting site. A pair of Coots (Meerkoet) however apparently had their eyes on this place as well, an maybe even […]

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