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Eiger North Face

As a child, I devoured books about mountains and mountaineering. Of course, I also fantasied about climbing the North Face of Eiger some day. My grandfather even had a book of this specific mountain. But […]

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The ‘real’ Cracker

After meeting the famous Dutch Nutcracker, you may think that shooting these birds is easy. Well, I can tell you: it’s not. During our stay in the Swiss canton of Wallis, I was surprised how […]

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Fall Nutcracker

As written in my earlier blog on the Spotted Nutcracker, I was a little taken aback by the fact that the bird had chosen to spent most of its time between bricks when I was there […]

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Nuts and Walls

Some two weeks ago a Spotted Nutcracker was reported in Wageningen, The Netherlands. And that wasn’t all: it seemed unafraid of people and let itself be photographed very easily. Since a long time this particular […]

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Crunchy Birds

While snowboarding this morning, I heard a Nutcracker calling. Since I had never been able to frame this bird, I decided to go back to the place with my camera in the afternoon. Not that […]

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